Restaurants, Bars, and Nightlife

Drallewatsch im Barfussgässchen.KarLi, station "Hohestraße"Gottschedstraße, Bars.

Photos: Michael Bader, Andreas Schmidt, Andreas Schmidt

Leipzig has a vivid nightlife, many restaurants suitable for every budget, coffeehouses, bars, clubs and so on. We have prepared a small overview and selection of possible things to do after an interesting day at the EuroVis

This article is structured into sections about Restaurants, Bars, Events, and Music.

Useful Hints

Please remember to have a look at our general information on public transport and keep in mind that you can use the public transport for free with your EuroVis Transport Card you got sent.

Please keep in mind that nearly all tram lines can be boarded at the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof). The mentioned connections on this page all start at the main railway station.

Language hint: The word "Straße" means street and the strangely looking character "ß" is not a B (like Bee or Beta). It is a hard s (like in the word School).

Convention in bars/restaurants: When ordering the bill, you can split the bill. The bill includes taxes and you should add about 10% tip for the waiter.

Credit Cards: In larger stores in the city and the most restaurants you can pay with credit card. But as the electronic cash (EC) system is more common in Germany, small bars and small shops might not take your credit card. Although this should be very rarely the case, you should ask before-hand to avoid bad surprises.

Locations you should know

On this site we try to limit our eventing-proposals to basically two areas of Leipzig. The City Center and the "Südvorstadt". In this section, we give you a small overview on how to get there and some small orientation hints.

City Center, Innenstadt, Zentrum, "In der Stadt"

This is the center of the city and is located south of the main railway station. You probably already know it, as most of the hotels are located there. You can get to the city center with any tram. Everything inside the city center can be reached on foot from every point of the city center.

Important Points for orientation:

Südvorstadt and the KarLi

This is one of THE student areas of Leipzig. It is an old quarter directly south of the city center with a beautiful architecture. The KarLi is the street right through the Südvorstadt and is short for Karl-Liebknecht Straße. When we speak about the Südvorstadt, we usually mean the Karl-Liebknecht Straße, between Hohe Straße and Connewitz Kreuz. It definitely is one of the top nightlife locations in Leipzig. It basically is a 3km long street with bars, restaurants, snack bars, clubs, coffeehouses ... one next to the other. If you get lost in the Südvorstadt, try to re-orient yourself to get back to the Karl-Liebknecht Straße and follow the tram tracks to the next station.

Getting there is easy. Use tram lines 10 or 11 directing to "Lößnig" or "Markleeberg Ost", exit somewhere between "Hohe Straße" and "Connewitz Kreuz". You can enter the tram at any station along the KarLi.
Use tram 10 or 11 directing to "Schkeuditz" or "Wahren" to get back to the city center. During the night, you can use night-bus lines N9 or N10 directing to Hauptbahnhof.

Restaurants and Coffeehouses

This part is easy. Go to the city center or Südvorstadt and you will be surrounded by Restaurants, Snack Bars and similar.


We especially recommend the area near the Barfußgäßchen in the city center. There, you will find a lot of restaurants and bars, where you can eat and drink. Got to the market square. The Barfußgäßchen is a small street opposite of the old town hall. You cannot miss it, since it quite always is crowded with people.

Prices: Usually moderate. a single meal is about 10 to 15€ in the restaurants. If you choose to eat in one of the many bars, you get tasty snacks and meals even for less than 10€.

Recommendation 1: Barthels Hof. Classical Saxon and Thuringian food for about 15€. How to get there..

Recommendation 2: Coffeehouse Zum Arabischen Cofebaum. The oldest, still existing coffeehouse in Leipzig, and the second oldest in Europe. Napoleon and Schiller drunk their coffee in here. How to get there.

Low Price Recommendation: Kartoffelhaus No. 1. Nearly all meals below 10€. Coming from market square, go through the Barfußgäßchen until you see a fountain. Behind The fountain, you will see the Kartoffelhaus.

City Center in general

Auerbachs Keller

If you want to feel like Goethe did, and want to eat in Leipzig's most famous, and world-wide known restaurant from Goethe's drama "Faust", you need to go to the Auerbachs Keller. If you want to go there, especially when you are in a larger group, you definitely need to reserve a desk. You can do this online

To get there from the market square, face the old town hall, and pass it on the right-hand-side. You will see a passage called "Mädler Passage". In there, you cannot miss the Auerbachs Keller. You will see statues of Faust, Mephisto and some Students in front of the entrance.


Low-Price Recommendation: Va Piano serves Italian food, usually for far less then 10€. You find this restaurant at the Augustusplatz, at the corner of the University building.

Recommendation 1: Thüringer Hof. Moderate prices for classical, Thuringian food. Most meals are between 10 to 15€. You find this restaurant between the St. Thomas Church and the New City Hall.

Recommendation 2: Panorama Restaurant. Enjoy your meal on top of Leipzig's roofs. Most meals are about 20€. It is on top of the City Hochhaus at the Augustusplatz. It is the high, silver skyscraper.

Südvorstadt and KarLi

Along the KarLi street you will find many international restaurants and snack bars. It is hard to give you a recommendation here, since there are simply too much restaurants. So we limit the area a bit and concentrate on the area around the "Südplatz". Use tram lines 10 or 11, directing to "Lößnig" or "Markleeberg Ost" and leave board at "Südplatz". Once there, make a 360 degree turn. You will notice that you basically are surrounded by bars, pubs, restaurants, and snack bars.

Recommendation: Shady, an oriental cafe and restaurant. Most meals are about 15 to 20€. You can reach it by walking down the "Körnerstraße". When exiting the tram at Südplatz, walk down the platform, directing back to the city center. On the left, you will see an Irish Pub. Go down this street. Please note that it is closed on Monday.

Low-price Recommendation 1: Pizzeria La Strada. Italian food and really tasty pizza for less than 6€. When leaving the tram at Südplatz, walk down the platform directing south (follow the direction of the tram). Look right. There you see the La Strada Pizzeria.

Low-price Recommendation 2: Burgermeister. Grab a beer and a burger for less than 6€ or a Bratwurst and a beer for less than 4€. When leaving the tram at Südplatz, you will a small, black house in front of you. This is the Burgermeister.

Other Recommended Restaurants

Gosenschenke. This very historic restaurant is definitely worth a visit. Besides its beautiful interior, you will feel the typical Saxon coziness. One thing that makes this restaurant special is its "Gose" beer. Although many bars in Leipzig serve Gose, the Gosenschenke is the only original Gose Beer Bar left. The Gose was THE typical beer in Leipzig for a long time. It was more popular than Pils or Hefeweizen. Besides this, the Gosenschenke is recommended in the NY Times German Beer Trail. Check it out. The prices for the typically Saxon meals are around 10€ and they have a beer garden where you can enjoy your Gose.

To get to the Gosenschenke, you need to take the tram line 12, directing to Gohlis Nord. Exit the tram at Fritz-Segers Straße. Change the sides of the street and walk down the "Poetenweg". You will see the entrance to the beer garden on the left. Go through the beer garden to get to the restaurant. Definitely take a look inside the restaurant and leave it through the front exit and enjoy the Wilhelminian style architecture.

Pubs and Bars

After all the interesting talk at the EuroVis, you might want relax and have something to drink. Leipzig has a vivid nightlife and we would recommend you to visit either the famous Barfußgässchen (also called Drallewatsch) and/or the KarLi. There, you will find an endless amount of pubs, live-music bars and restaurants. This section tells you where you can go in the evening.

Barfußgäßchen - Drallewatsch

If you go to the market square in the evening, you cannot miss this small street. People singing, enjoying their beer and have an nice evening. This is the Drallewatsch. It is a Saxon word for evening out, going from pub to pub. In the Barfußgässchen you will find many cosy bars, crowded, trendy pubs and fine restaurants.

Prices are moderate. You reach the Barfußgäßchen on foot, once in the city center. Got to the market square. Face the opposite direction of the old town hall, you will see a lively, crowded street on the right.

Recommendation 1: Spizz - directly at the beginning of the street.

Recommendation 2: Kildare City Pub - Irish Pub - somewhere in the middle of the street.


The KarLi (Karl-Liebknecht-Straße) is a whole street with bars, pubs and crowded with people enjoying the night. Especially during the warm season and during the weekends, many pubs and bars are crowded. We recommend you to not give up. Go to the next bar! The street is several kilometers long. You will find a place to eat and drink. Take tram lines 10 or 11 directing to "Lößnig" or "Markleeberg Ost". We recommend to leave the tram at Südplatz. There, you are basically surrounded by bars and pubs.

Prices for food is usually below the level of city center restaurants. Prices for drinks are basically the same everywhere. You should plan 3.50€ for half a liter beer (at least).

If you like to have a more alternative scene, leave the tram at "Connewitz Kreuz" and check out the area south-wards of the tram station.

Recommendation 1: Barfly - cozy bar - exit the tram at Südplatz. Walk down the street following the tram tracks southwards. You will find the bar on the left at the next corner.

Recommendation 2: Südbrause - Leave the tram at Connewitz Kreuz. From the platform, you will directly see a small, white building. This is the Südbrause..


And there is another street filled with bars and restaurants. The Gottschedstraße can be found directly opposite of the St. Thomas Church, outside the city ring-road. You can get there on foot (10 minutes from market square) or take the tram: line 9, station Thomaskirche or lines 1 and 14, station Gottschedstraße.

Prices for drinks and meals are slightly higher, but this heavily depends on the bar/restaurant you choose.

Recommendation 1: BarCelona - Spanish restaurant and bar with fair prices - Walk down the Gottschedstraße coming from the city center. The Bar is on the right side.

Recommendation 2: Vodkaria - You like Vodka? Then this is your place. Please note: this bar is not suitable for larger groups - Walk down the Gottschedstraße and cross the Käthe-Kollwitz Straße. You will find the Vodkaria at the left side of the street.

Typical Student Locations

Bot locations mentioned here offer very fair prices and are suitable for larger groups.


You should check out the beer garden at the Gosenschenke.

Interesting Events

Bachfest on Augustusplatz - Free

During the EuroVis, Leipzig is in Bach fever. If you want to enjoy classical music, you should have a look at the Augustusplatz, located in the eastern city center in the evening. It is free.

Campusfest (Student Music Festival) - 12€ per night or 15 for all three nights.

The this year's Campusfest will take place during the EuroVis-Week. It is a student festival on the Campus of the university and will take place June 18th to 20th. You can find sportive events and live-music (open-air) in the evening and night. The tickets cost about 12€ per night, or 15€ for all three nights. You can reach the Campusfest by tram, lines 3,7,8,15, station "Sportforum". From there, follow the music to the campus of the faculty of sports.

Music & Disco

If you want to go to a club or disco, then read on. We have listed some discotheques and clubs. Have a look at their website for their program during the EuroVis week. Most of them are somewhere near the city center or down the KarLi. You might also have a look at the this event calendar . Although it is in German, you will find someone on the EuroVis helping you with it and maybe joining you.